What Should I Do Next?

What Should I Do Next?

First Things First

Before anything, you must enter any products you are processing through the warehouse. 


Move Product into the Warehouse

From Your Manufacturer

When you're ready to send inventory from your manufacturer, you must enter an Expected Arrival in the WMS. Don't forget to check the Receiving Checklist to ensure the product arrives in an appropriate condition for quick processing.

From an Amazon Warehouse

If you're faced with an Amazon Removal Order, you must enter an Expected Arrival in the WMS. Amazon may send inventory from many warehouses, so be sure to put an expected arrival date about 60 days out and expect to possibly see the inventory trickle in. By default, Detailed Audits are performed on anything coming in from Amazon to ensure your inventory is properly accounted for.

Move Product Out of the Warehouse

Replenish Amazon Inventory (FBA)

To initiate an FBA, please follow the Amazon FBA Replenishment Order Guide.

Fulfill Customer Orders (FBM)

To fulfill a customer order, you must Enter an Order in the WMS. We also have integration services available where new orders are automatically retrieved from your online shop(s) and sent to us for instant fulfillment. For more information about cart integration, please contact your 3PLWINNER sales representative.

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