Create an Expected Arrival in the WMS

Create an Expected Arrival in the WMS

When a shipment is being sent to 3PLWINNER, you must create an "Expected Arrival". 
Important: Review the Receiving Checklist carefully to ensure that your shipment is prepared appropriately for quick processing. Shipments that arrive improperly labeled or packaged may be subject to necessary fee-based services.

Step 1: Access the "Enter Expected Arrivals" tab 

Log into the WMS. In the left main menu, click  

Step 2: Set Arrival Times and Dates

A.) Enter the anticipated arrival date.

B.) Verify that the date/time entered is correct. The system should default to Now.

C.) Select an anticipated arrival time (optional - 12:00 PM is a safe default)

D.) Click the + icon to add a product to be expected.

Step 3: Add Expected Products

Select one or more products (search is helpful if you have many products.)

Step 4: Set Quantity of Expected Products

Enter a quantity to expect for each product in the Quantity column. You can click the + again to add additional products.

Remove any line items added by mistake by highlighting the line and clicking the - icon. (The 'Cancel' checkbox is used for editing/canceling expected arrivals after they've been submitted.)

Step 5: Submit your Expected Arrival

Hit   and your expected arrival has been entered. To view previously submitted expected arrivals, click the   button at the top of the Record Expected Arrivals page.

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