Receiving Checklist

Receiving Checklist

Pre-Receiving: Before shipping inventory to 3PLWINNER

To ensure your inventory is received fast, accurate and without penalties, the following steps must be followed prior to the arrival of your inventory:
  1. Product ID and Description created in the WMS owner portal. Billing containers must be input and accurately reflect how many units are in a master case. 
  2. Product must have a unique scannable identifier ex: (for example, a UPC, EAN, ISBN, JAN, ASIN or GTIN). lack thereof will delay receiving and fee’s will be assessed, to make your product compliant. 
  3. Master cases must have a label clearly defining what product is in the master case, how many pieces/units are in the master case, the quantity must match what has been input in the billing container, failure to comply will result in delay and be assessed the fee’s associated with making the product compliant (for example, master case SKU1234-10 the -10 indicates 10 pc. Inside) [Download Master Carton Label Templates]
  4. “Expected Arrival” notifying the warehouse that your product is arriving at 3PLWINNER must be recorded in the system. A message will be sent to the email on file if product has arrived without an expected arrival. If the expected arrival has not been created after 24 hours of notification, the receiving team will have to create an expected arrival for you. The administrative fee will be assessed for the time it takes to create the expected arrival and your inventory will be delayed. 
  5. Amazon removal orders. All Amazon removal orders will be sorted and packaged into a master case, this is to ensure accurate receiving and proper utilization of space on a pallet. Cost of sortation and corrugated boxes used will be billed to the customer. Products will be professionally packaged, sorted and located in the warehouse without exception. 
  6. Customer number and or name must be included in the ship to section of inbound paperwork or labels 
1224 Exposition Way, Suite 110
San Diego, CA 92154

Important: Items that do not have a customer identifier and no expected arrival will be stored for Receiving Checklist 30 days. After 30 days, said product will be disposed. Products that are unsafe, improperly packaged and or shipped outside of the receiving policy will be charged a fee for additional preparation. This will result in delay and will be subject to additional charges for any unplanned services.

After creating your expected arrival in the WMS

Use this checklist to make sure that you have completed the inventory requirements for your physical shipment.

Are your products properly labeled?
  1. Yes. With a scannable identifier (for example: for example, a UPC, EAN, ISBN, JAN, SKU, ASIN or GTIN).
  2. No. As fulfillment center we must print and apply it to your PRODUCTS which will result in delay and additional fees
Are your master cases labeled and packaged in correct quantities?
  1. Yes. With a scannable identifier (for example: for example, a UPC, EAN, ISBN, JAN, SKU, ASIN or GTIN) and or each label indicates how many loose pieces are inside of the master case, and its visible to the receiver. All the unit quantities match the billing container information I have created. [Download Master Carton Label Templates]
  2. No. Master cases that do not indicate how many loose pieces are inside will need to be sorted and inspected. This will delay the receiving process and sorting fees will be assessed.
Are your shipping boxes properly packed?
  1. Boxes containing a single oversize item will not weigh more than 50 lbs.
  2. Approved dunnage includes foam, air pillows, bubble wrap, or full sheets of paper.
Are your shipping boxes on a pallet?
  1. Inventory shipped on pallets must meet the following criteria:
  2. Shipped on standard 40 x 48 wooden pallet
  3. Only one product SKU per pallet, mixed pallets will delay receiving and sorting fee’s will be applied.
  4. Pallet weight cannot exceed 1,500 pounds
  5. Product on pallet height cannot exceed 60”
  6. All boxes must fit the length and width of the pallet, boxes that do not fit and overhang will be sorted. This will delay receiving and fee’s will be assessed

3PLWINNER Receiving Policy

Please read carefully and feel free to open a ticket if you have any questions or need clarification on our receiving policy and guidelines. 

All product received undergoes a Basic Audit. 3PLWINNER does not open, count, or verify quantities of product that is received in the warehouse. A Basic Audit consists of the following:
  1. Carton is in acceptable condition
  2. Master Case is properly marked as per the receiving checklist
  3. Quantities displayed match the expected arrival quantity
  4. Item description matched expected arrival
  5. Pallet dimensions comply with receiving guidelines
  6. No liquids, leak or damage is visible on the exterior of the carton
Upon request a customer can request a Detailed Audit via support ticket by the 3PLWINNER receiving team and will include the following:
  1. Product serviceability inspection
  2. Physical count of inventory
  3. Report of discrepancies found if any
  4. Manufacturer tracking, used to keep track of manufacturers who have sent defective products and or missing product
  5. Photo of product in ticket request
Detailed Audits are the preferred method of receiving by many of our customers. The cost of a Detailed Audit is based on time. You are invoiced based on how long it takes to conduct the audit.
3PLWINNER is not responsible for inaccuracies of inventory that underwent a Basic Audit. This is due largely in part of all the inaccurate and or missing products that have been found during the Detailed Audits. It is a service we highly recommend as it has helped many of our customers who have opted for this level of receiving.

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