Enter Orders in the WMS

Enter Orders in the WMS

NOTE: The first time you do this, you will need to enter some user information for yourself. This only needs to be done upon entering your first order.

Step 1: Access the Enter Orders Page

From the left main menu of your WMS, click  

Step 2: Enter "Ordered By" Information

Enter address information for where the product should be sent. If you're replenishing your Amazon stock, please put the Amazon warehouse address. If you are sending inventory to multiple Amazon warehouses, enter a separate order for each warehouse. Select the "Ship To Ordered By" radio button then click 

Step 3: Add Ordered Products to Cart

In the next page, you will see all of your products. Enter the quantity for the product(s) that need to ship and click "Add All Selected Items to Cart"
( NOTE: You don't have to click the "Add All Selected Items to Cart" for each product. Add quantities for everything and then click it once.)
( NOTE2: If you have only one product in the system, the "Add All Selected Items to Cart" will be near the top right.)

Step 4: Confirm Shopping Cart and Check Out

Before you hit Check Out, confirm that the correct quantity of items are in your shopping cart. In this example, I added 10 total units (5 ea of 2 products) so I may proceed.

Once satisfied with the number of lines/units in the cart, click 

Step 5: Enter Order Type

In the next page, you will see a required dropdown menu "Order Type". Please choose the correct order type you are entering.
(NOTE: You only have to choose one field option)

B2B- Business-to-business. If you are shipping to a wholesaler or retailer.
B2C- Business-to-customer. If you are shipping to an individual customer.
B2C pre-paid labels- Business-to-customer with pre-paid labels. If you are shipping to an individual customer and you have pre-paid labels already created for that order.
FBA LTL- Fulfilled by Amazon for less than truckload. If you are shipping to a Amazon warehouse as LTL shipment.
FBA SPD- Fulfilled by Amazon small parcel delivery. If you are shipping to a Amazon warehouse as SPD shipment.
Walmart WFS- Walmart Fulfillment Services. If you are shipping to a Walmart warehouse.

After choosing the adequate order type you can move forward to the next step.

Step 6: Enter Comments

In the next page is a comment section. Please notate if this is an Amazon shipment or any other relevant information.

Step 7: Review and Submit Order

A summary screen will display. Check all your details carefully to ensure a smooth transaction. Add a shipping method note if you need a specific ship method. If not, we will ship best way. If you have an insert such as a custom packing slip (fee applies), you may attach it here. One attachment may be added per order (multiple files can be zipped).

IMPORTANT: Attachment file names can only have letters and numbers, no special characters. Special characters may disrupt the system order execution and delay your order. You may be charged additional admin fees for the time it takes to remedy an order disrupted by special characters in the attachment.

Once satisfied, click 

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