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Thursday 11/24/2022
We will re-open on Friday 11/25/2022

We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!

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      • Amazon FBA Replenishment Order Guide

        Create a Small Parcel Delivery (SPD) with an Amazon partner carrier (UPS) Step 1: Create the shipping plan on Amazon Create the shipping plan you want to send to Amazon.   Choose SPD with Amazon partner carrier. Choose a pick up date of the next ...
      • Create an Expected Arrival in the WMS

        When a shipment is being sent to 3PLWINNER, you must create an "Expected Arrival".  Important: Review the Receiving Checklist carefully to ensure that your shipment is prepared appropriately for quick processing. Shipments that arrive improperly ...
      • Enter Orders in the WMS

        NOTE: The first time you do this, you will need to enter some user information for yourself. This only needs to be done upon entering your first order. Step 1: Access the Enter Orders Page From the left main menu of your WMS, click   Step 2: Enter ...
      • Receiving Checklist

        Pre-Receiving: Before shipping inventory to 3PLWINNER To ensure your inventory is received fast, accurate and without penalties, the following steps must be followed prior to the arrival of your inventory: Product ID and Description created in the ...
      • How Do I Submit a Ticket?

        Step 1: Determine if a Ticket is Required Many answers are in our Knowledge Base. Visit the Knowledge Base Page or search for keywords to find articles related to your question. If you are starting an FBA, make sure you have all the required ...