Request for Work / Kitting / Product Preparation

Request for Work / Kitting / Product Preparation

At 3PLWINNER we service a variety of customers with a variety of needs. Because of this, we have introduced the “Work Order” service. It is a way for customers to submit their requests, receive a quote and receive an expected completion date. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Start a Ticket

Start a new ticket with the Support Category "Request Add-On Service". Provide us a detailed explanation of the work you would like completed. Here is an example:
I ordered a new product and was unable to have the manufacturer apply a prop 65 warning label. Can you please label 1,000 pieces with this warning? I have attached the label I would like you to use. The product id for the item I want labeled is: test123
Best regards,

Step 2: Stand By for Quote

A 3PLWINNER agent will respond with a quote and an anticipated completion date based on your request. Here is an example:
Hi Jane, Thank you for submitting a work order request! We can definitely help you with the labeling of your product, below is the quote for the service requested:
• 10 min Admin Fee Label Suite $7.40
• 1,000 Labels 2”x1” @ $0.10 per label $100
Total: $107.40
Projected completion date: 8/25/2020 Please let me know if this quote works for you so that we can begin working for you, have a wonderful evening.
Best regards,

Step 3: Confirm/Decline Quote

After receiving a work order quote, you have an option to accept or decline the offer. If accepted, your work order will be immediately added to the queue to be completed.
*Please note that all accepted quotes must be confirmed via support ticket. Confirmations by phone, text or WhatsApp will not be valid. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to open a ticket!
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