Reports / Inquiries

Reports / Inquiries

Order Inquiry

Select the Shipping Information: This section will show the requested shipping, actual shipping, needed by date, Rush flag, etc.
  1. Shipping Option: This is the user defined method of shipping selected during order entry.
  2. Requested Shipping Method: This is the Carrier and Service requested based on the carrier code in the selected shipping option.
  3. Package Shipped: This shows the details of all the packages that have shipped for this order.
  4. Date: This is the ship date for this package.
  5. Shipping Method: This is the actual shipping method used when the package was shipped.
  6. Package Type: This is the type of box/envelope used when the package shipped. Package types are defined in the WMS
  7. Shipping Order: A shipping order is a request for shipping. In most cases, you will get one pick slip per shipping order. For details on the shipping orders, see Shipping Orders below.
  8. Tracking Number: This is the shipping carrier’s tracking number. For UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL, this number can be a clickable link that will take the user directly to that carrier’s Track a Package page on their website.
  9. Void Flag: If a shipment has been voided, the Void flag will display as Y.

Order History

  1. You may drill into a Shipping Order line item to view the history for that shipping order.
  2. Note that the details by shipping order are similar to those of the Order Inquiry screen as a whole. The difference is that these details apply to just the selected shipping order.

Expected Arrival Report

  1. Enter the date range
  2. Click on Generate report and it will generate a pdf

My Inventory

  1. Click on the options that apply to your search
  2. Click on Generate Report and it will generate a pdf file with the status of your inventory

Generate Dynamic Reporting

• Go to reports > Generate Dynamic Report > Choose report name Shipments with Freight Cost > Under the tab action click on the
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