Submit an Order Cancelation Request

Submit an Order Cancelation Request

Please note that 3PLWINNER pulls orders frequently throughout the day for immediate shipment. There is a point in the process where it is too late to pull the order off the line so orders entered in error or with other issues should be requested to cancel as soon as possible. 3PLWINNER is not responsible for orders that are shipped before the client completes the request. If an order is shipped and you would like to work on retrieving the inventory, simply open a ticket so we can help. Additional fees may apply.

Step 1: Access Our Support Website

Navigate to our Support portal and click on My Tickets

Step 2: Submit a Request

After clicking on My Tickets you will be prompted to this page, nest step is to click on Add Ticket

After clicking on Add Ticket you will be prompted to this page. Go ahead and click Submit Ticket within the Orders box

Our support portal will take you to the Orders department ticket submission screen. Under Order Type choose Order Cancelation. After that, include the WMS Order ID (Please note that tickets submitted without WMS Order ID will be automatically closed). Finally, include the desired Subject and add a brief Description including the reason why you are canceling the order.

Step 3 : Our Team Will Conclude If Your Order Is Eligible For Cancelation

After the request has been submitted our team will investigate if your order is eligible for cancelation, please notice that orders with SC status in the system are not eligible for cancelation.

Tickets submitted within normal business hours 8:00 am PT to 4:00 pm PT will be answered within 1 hour. Any other request submitted after this timeframe will be reviewed the next business day. 

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